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Our Focus ~
create lifelong, responsible, independent learners

Those who "learn to learn" will have significantly enhanced opportunities and options for shaping their futures.

Being a successful learner is no longer a matter of choice or mere preference. It is a necessity in order to survive and thrive in the "Information Age."

Our Instructors ~
more than just tutors providing subject expertise. 

At Academic Horizons, we strive to help students develop a sense of confidence in their academic abilities and "approach to learning."

The aim is to heighten awareness of what it takes to achieve academic success and anchor this with research-based learning strategies, a supportive, collaborative relationship and personal accountability.

Jumpstart Lessons, Grade 4 - 7

 After school and weekends,  we've got you covered!

Our Programs

engaging, developmentally appropriate lessons build confidence and help establish a solid conceptual foundation for future academic success.
positive, supportive, undivided attention keeps students focused and motivated to learn and achieve

While it is an undeniable fact that there are many benefits of learning online, virtual course delivery has different challenges and barriers to overcome.

At Academic Horizons, we've integrated the flexibility of  onLine course delivery with the best of one-on-one, face-to-face personalized teaching support, and structured  independent home-study plans to create a new, highly effective learning approach.

Our team will help you to stay on track, maintain your focus and momentum, as well as provide one-one teaching support to ensure you have a solid understanding of the concepts and skills needed to successfully master course objectives.

21st Century Teaching and Learning

Personalized Education Options

Blended e-Learning 

Math and Science Education

At Academic Horizons, we specialize in Math and Science education.

Math and Physics courses  in particular build strongly on prior understanding; a solid grasp of key pre-requisite concepts is essential for continued success.

At Academic Horizons, we provide engaging, developmentally appropriate lessons which not only "fill in the gaps" but also achieve a balance between teaching for conceptual understanding and teaching procedural fluency so students have a deeper understanding and a solid foundation for future success.

Customized to individual learning needs and goals. 
one-on-one personal lessons that target individual student learning needs

College and University Readiness  

ACT and SAT Preparation Action Plan

Our comprehensive approach blends individualized one-on-one instruction with a personalized home study practice plan uniquely tailored to a student's score goals.

We use proven ACT and SAT prep resources that include full-length timed practice tests, detailed feedback and score analysis, as well as access to hours of engaging supplemental instructional video lessons for every tested topic, delivered by expert SAT and ACT instructors. 

Clearly as a society, we value the written word. We live in the Information Age and writing is an indispensable real world skill, something most of us use in one form or another almost every day.

We want our students to be equipped with effective workplace and academic writing skills and be prepared for university and life in the world outside of school.

Creating Proficient, Effective Writers

21st Century Literacy  
´╗┐Academic Writing Skills: Grade 6 - 8
* Writing Effective Sentences
* Writing Organized, Well-developed Paragraphs
* Introduction to Evidence Based Literary Analysis
* Essay Writing: Persuasive, Compare/Contrast
* Writing Process: Prewrite, Draft, Revise, Edit, Publish
Advanced ´╗┐Academic Writing Skills:  Gr 9 - 12+
* Essay Writing:  Expository, Narrative, Synthesis 
* Research-based Academic Writing
* Evidence-based Literary Analysis Essays
* SAT and ACT Writing Preparation
* Introduction to University and College Writing
ELA Subject Specific Support
* English 8 and English 9
* English 10
* English 11
* English 12
* IB English HL 
Designed to help student navigate and succeed in the new educational environment 

Supportive.  Personalized.  Affordable.

Our Teaching Approach ~
one-one personalized instruction

Using a blend of innovative, research-based instructional strategies and techniques, we guide and strengthen the student's learning experience by promoting confidence, and empowering students with the skills and knowledge required to master course objectives and build a solid foundation for continued future academic success.

Year-round,  One on One Learning Support 
At Academic Horizons, our focus is to help students understand what they are learning. Rather than asking "Does she know it?" we ask, "How does she understand it?" What ideas does she connect it with?" Because, knowing is not the same as understanding.
In math, for example, it is entirely possible for students to memorize mathematics facts and manipulate numbers using mechanical "steps" or "plug-in" approaches without having any understanding of the concepts or procedures involved. Memorizing rules and mastery of computation is not the same as true knowledge of mathematical concepts, ideas and procedures.

Grades 4-12   IB  AP and  College Courses

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