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ACT/SAT Diagnostic Comparison TEST

3 hour Diagnostic Exam consists of 8 sections of alternating ACT and SAT style questions

9 page Analytic Report identifies student's preferred exam using a detailed breakdown of results consisting of a side-by-side comparison of SAT and ACT performance

pinpoints strengths and highlights areas requiring attention

ACT/SAT Preparation Action Plan

Colleges give equal weight to both the SAT and the ACT.

The majority of students will score higher on one exam.

Which one is better for you?

Find out by taking the ACT/SAT Diagnostic Comparison and save hours of prep time. 


or ACT?


test is right

for you?

Our comprehensive approach blends one-on-one instruction with a personalized home study practice plan uniquely tailored to a student's score goals.

We use proven online ACT and SAT prep resources that include

full-length timed practice tests, detailed feedback and score analysis, as well as access to hours of engaging instructional video lessons for every tested topic, delivered by expert teachers.

full length timed diagnostic exam to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses

personalized study plan tailored to a student's score goals

One-on-One personalized instruction to target areas requiring improvement, including Essay Writing 

Unlimited access to hours of online instructional video lessons and practice questions for every tested topic, delivered by expert SAT and ACT teachers

8 full-length timed practice tests with score analysis

Detailed progress reports - ongoing performance and score tracking

Get Started Early!

The PSAT 8/9 and PSAT 10  is the first test  in the College Board's SAT Suite of Assessments. It is offered to grade 8/9 and 10 students and provides valuable feedback and tools to help establish an early baseline measurement of college and career readiness.  

The PSAT is designed to uncover opportunities for growth and provides targeted, early feedback on the same skills as the SAT - critical reading, writing and math...

Taking the PSAT provides students with tools to start planning for the future, including:                          


           Benchmarks to indicate whether they are

           on target for college and university.  


           Feedback on projected SAT score and

           readiness for AP courses.

Having a general idea of how well they will do on the SAT enables students to start focusing on improving areas that would benefit from more attention.

PSAT 8/9 and PSAT 10 College Readiness Diagnostic Test

The SAT and ACT are standardized scholastic assessment tests required by US colleges and universities as part of the admissions process.  

At this time, Canadian universities do not require SAT or ACT scores as part of the admission process.

However, the SAT Suite of Assessments offers valuable test-taking experience as well as helpful, research-supported grade-level benchmarks that can be used to gauge whether students are on track for becoming college and career ready, each year, Gr 9 - 12.