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Where do you work? 

I work out of a private, professional office, near Southridge School in the Morgan Creek / Grandview area of South Surrey, BC.  

 What are your hours? 

I work Monday through Friday, afternoons and evenings and on Sunday during the day. Please contact me for current openings and availability. 


 How long do sessions last?

A standard session is 45 minutes. If needed, we can schedule longer sessions in 15 minute increments, up to 2 hours.

How often should my child get tutoring?

Depending on the student's specific needs and goals, we can meet regularly or on an "as needed" basis. In general, if a student is struggling due to gaps in learning, or has fallen behind and needs to catch up, 2 sessions per week are recommended for best results. Then, as the student progresses, the frequency of sessions can be adjusted to once a week sessions or on an "as needed" basis.

How and when do I pay?   What is the session rate?

Payment can be made at the beginning or end of each session. For convenience, advance payments for several pre-scheduled sessions can also be made ( eg per month or per 10 sessions). Cash, cheques,  credit or debit card payments.

Please click here for session rate information.

 Do you teach during the summer holidays?

Yes, during the summer, I provide support for Summer School courses as well as personalized "jump start" programs for Math 4-12 so students get a head-start and are better prepared for the upcoming school year.

What type of academic coaching do you provide?

Academic coaching focuses on the "process of learning."   Students examine their learning styles, work habits, and current difficulties or barriers to success. Then, together as a team, we will create and put in place more effective learning strategies than are the norm. The aim is to heighten awareness of what it takes to achieve academic success and anchor this with new strategies, a supportive relationship, and personal accountability. An important component of academic coaching is  helping students understand how their "use of time" and levels of organization or disorganization impact their academic studies.


How do I get started?

Complete the contact form below to schedule an initial complimentary consultation meeting to see if we are a good teacher-student fit. 

After that, we can set up appointments on an on-going basis .

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