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The Academic Horizons Program Facilitator places an emphasis on empowering students with the skills and knowledge required to make the most of the online learning material and structured independent study time, guiding the learning experience of individual students, and customizing the material wherever possible  to strengthen the learning experience and making it the most meaningful possible.

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 Student Athletes 

Students wanting to catch up or get ahead 

 Upgrading to meet post-secondary admission requirements

Designed to fit unique

educational goals and schedules

Students who are

struggling in traditional classroom environment

The Academic Horizons instructors provide one-one personalized teaching support to supplement the online learning experience and ensure students have a solid understanding of the concepts and skills needed to successfully master course objectives.

21st Century



Personal Teacher

100% Teacher Guided 

Blended e-Learning

Personalized Education

At Academic Horizons, we've integrated online course delivery with the best of face-to-face one-on-one personalized teaching support, and structured independent study time to create a new, highly effective hybrid teaching methodology ~ Blended eLearning.

Our Approach

Students learn at own pace and ability level

  • Personalize both path and pace based on student's unique learning needs and education goals

Students have 24/7 access to a variety of multi-media, interactive teaching interfaces, enabling flexible, anytime/everywhere learning

Students are empowered to be self-directed, and pace their own learning toward "mastery" based on individual needs

One-on-One Mentorship 

  • Identify and address gaps in pre-requisite concepts and skills, prior to starting instruction of new learning
  • Regular checks of understanding to determine student's mastery ~ provide corrective feedback and clarification as needed, prior to progressing to next learning objective.
  • Allows students the opportunity to  receive sufficient time, attention and support to master course objectives

Individualized Education Plans 

One on One

Personalized Instruction

" ... the average tutored student performs better than 98% of the students in the traditional classroom..."

Program Facilitator

Academic Coach, Mentor

  • Help students understand how their "use of time" and levels of organization or disorganization impact their academic learning and achieving