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We provide One-One teaching support to facilitate OnLine Courses.

My daughter earned top marks in Gr 12 and is now at UBC as a direct result of the lessons in PreCal 11 and 12.

She also learned how to plan her studies and take ownership of her learning in order to maximize both understanding of course material and productivity.  Taking PreCalc 12 online with Del's support provided my daughter the flexibility to pace her learning and take the necessary time she needed to actively process concepts, build in sufficient practice and then schedule tests when she felt ready and sufficiently prepared to take the test.

A one-size-fits all approach does not work for everyone, and with Academic Horizons my daughter received an approach to teaching and learning that best met her needs.  

 Julia Tittler,  Parent  Math and Chemistry 12,  Jan 2012 - June 2015

We create personalized lessons which complement and enhance classroom learning and enable students to solidify understanding and master course objectives.

When our daughter got 48% on her first PreCalculus 12 test, we decided to get a private tutor. My daughter was a good student but keeping up with the pace of math in a semester system has always been a challenge, especially with a demanding competitive dance schedule .

 We were thrilled when after just six lessons at Academic Horizons,  my daughter scored 74% on her next math test.

In addition to the subject matter expertise, the positive, encouraging one-one attention did wonders to boost my daughter's confidence in all her studies.

As a result of the mentoring she received from Academic Horizons, my daughter is a much stronger student overall, successfully maintaining a GPA for the Honour Roll and looking forward to attending SFU in September.

We can't thank you enough, Academic Horizons! You provide a valuable service and make a difference that really matters.

Thanks to the dedication and persistance of your team, you certainly set standards for learning and achievement your students can aspire to!

 ~Cheryl F,  Parent, PreCalc 12 student, Sept 2018 - June 2019

 Even though he was receiving good marks in class, I could see my son did not have a true understanding of what he was doing.

Math is an important subject, good competency in math allows students to consider many exciting educational and career opportunities.

Academic Horizons  evaluated his understanding and then created an action plan to sort out concepts that he had learned incorrectly. Over the summer of grade 9, my son was able to catch up and move ahead with next year's course with confidence.

Now my son knows he can move forward and pursue whatever he wants to do. There is nothing more valuable then that belief in yourself.

Aside from the top rate tutorial lessons Academic Horizons offers, all the staff are kind and supportive and I know there is nothing Del wouldn't do to ensure the students in her care get to where they need to be for their future success.

Math needs to be instructed carefully and consistently. Academic Horizons is a steady guide through the turbulence that can be a problem for many students in the school system.

If you are lucky enough to be able to have your child work with Academic Horizons,  you do not need to worry any more about math.

Once our son started with Del,  all that "math stress" was relieved.  Need I say more?    


~ Maia Brown,  Parent, Math 8-10 Student,  June 2013 

We strive to help students develop

confidence in their academic abilities.

Working with Academic Horizons has shown my daughter nothing is impossible.

My daughter has struggled with math since third grade . . . school was a struggle. Then in late grade 10 she was diagnosed with a math disability. Her teachers told her to take Foundations 11 Math, warning her this course may be too difficult for her.

With Del's guidance, my daughter flew through the course with determination and she achieved 90%.  She is so pleased with her new found math skills, she has enrolled in PreCalculus 11.  My daughter's new found confidence has filtered into her other subjects and her daily life.

She is now a confident,  independent learner and is on the Honour Roll for the first time, looking forward to college and university post-secondary programs she never considered before.   

~Jackie Davidson,  Parent Gr 11/12 Student,  2014- 2016

Academic Horizons came highly recommended and we have been extremely pleased with their services.  We sought out Academic Horizons to supplement/support our son with Physics  and PreCalculus 12. 

We learned early on that our son wasn't just receiving tutoring with course material - everyone at Academic Horizons goes above and beyond to ensure that the curriculum is mastered and the student is receiving the tools to succeed.

The highly educated staff at Academic Horizons provide a positive, supportive learning environment, where students are challenged to reach their potential and goals.

With Academic Horizons, students not only receive assistance with course materials, they also are taught study skills with emphasis on the importance of personal accountability.  

We are very pleased with Academic Horizons and will continue to recommend them in the future!    

Bruce and Linda Buckland,  Parents,
Gr 11/12 Student,  2016    

The personal attention our teachers provide keep students focused, engaged and motivated to learn and achieve.

Here's what our students and parents say !

In addition to the subject matter expertise, the positive, encouraging one-on-one attention did wonders to boost my daughter's confidence in all her studies. 

~ Cheryl  Friesen

Thank you for your wonderful work!

The Academic Horizons team always provide exceptional support for students, but you especially shined during this COVID=19 pandemic. Much appreciated!

~ Poala Ashton

The change in my daughter's attitude towards math has been remarkable. She now sees herself as a capable learner and we all know that when it comes to learning, and math in particular, confidence is the biggest hurdle.  

~ Julie Lee

Working with Academic Horizons has shown my daughter that nothing is impossible . . . she struggled with math since third grade . . .  school was a struggle . . Now with Del's guidance, she flew through Math 11 with determination and achieved 90% . . .  she is now a confident independent learner, on the Honor Roll for the first time and looking forward to college and university options she had never considered before . 


I would like to say that Brittany has really enjoyed the seamless transition to onLine tutoring. The instructors have been amazing, and the platform you have chosen is superb!
~ Jim 

When I started at Academic Horizons my mark was at 63%. A few weeks after I started with you, it started to go up. I'm proud to say that after the final exam, on which I got 90%, thanks to you, my overall mark is at 86% and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for helping me get there!          ~ Nicole, PreCalculus 12, 2018 

Academic Horizon is an amazing tutoring service that not only provides one-on-one support with qualified teachers, but also gives advice on how to improve a student's time management skills and organization skills. They have many valuable resources for extra practice and really go the extra mile to ensure one's academic success, which truly makes them unique from other tutoring services.             ~ Harmeet B, UBC 2020

My son attended Academic Horizons for his final two years of high school, and also in his gap year to prepare for university. His tutors were exceptional, very caring, flexible and took the time to understand his learning style. Best of all, they taught him how to plan his study and search for resources on-line. The skills he learnt at Academic Horizons are still supporting him today at university. My daughter is now attending Academic Horizons preparing for university essay writing while in her gap year. The on-line program has been excellent. I highly recommend Academic Horizons to anyone needing tutoring support.   ~ Diane Ireland, Parent 2017--present

We’ve been going to AH for 5 years - best value for tutoring that we’ve found. The kids got exactly the support that was needed, tutors have all been fantastic. 
~Colleen Diggle 2019

Excellent one on one tutoring!  My kids have tried other places but Academic Horizons is by far the best. We highly recommend it. ~ Carmel Legihn, 2018 - 2021

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