Mathematics Educator, Gr 4 - 12

Academic Coach


By the end of Grade 6, I was very concerned about our son's competency with math. Even though he was receiving good marks in class, I could see he did not have a true understanding of what he was doing. We moved him to a new school that had a demanding math program, he was way behind and struggled. The school was offering Singapore Math which requires a specific knowledge of how the concepts are taught. I spoke to several tutors but they were unfamiliar with the program. I knew they would not be able to help him. It was at the end of the school year I contacted Del and was over the moon after our first meeting. It was most evident she was the person that would be able to help our son catch up and move forward with the math program. Del evaluated him and took him back to sort out concepts that he had learned incorrectly or had not been taught at all. Over the summer he was able to catch up and move ahead with next year's course. It was a lot of work for him but he was determined to succeed.

As a parent, the aspect of our son's struggle that was most disconcerting, was his lack of confidence. I was very upset to think that he felt he couldn't do the math his teachers asked of him. Math is an important subject, good competency in math allows students to consider many exciting educational opportunities. Now, he knows he can move forward and pursue whatever he wants to do. There is nothing more valuable or important than that belief in yourself. Aside from the top rate tutorial Del offers, she is kind and supportive. I know there is nothing she wouldn't do to get her students to where they need to be for their future success. I know Del is very concerned with how math is taught, and is sensitive to her students that their difficulties are not a fault of their own. Math needs to be instructed carefully and consistently. Del will be a steady guide through the turbulence that can be a problem for many students in the school system.

If you are lucky enough to be able have your child work with Del, you do not need to worry any more about math. Once our son started working with Del, all that "math stress" was relieved.

Need I say more?                                         

                                                               Maia Brown

                                                               Parent, Math 8/9 Student

                                                               June 2013 - present

Thank you, Del,  for your dedication, enthusiasm and passion for one-one teaching. My children learn in very different ways and in both cases, you figured out what was the best way for THEM to learn. Not only did you help them learn math, you also helped them to love math! They enjoy coming to lessons and feel confident that if they don't understand something, you will help them figure it out.

Whenever another parent expresses concern about their child's ability to learn math or science, I send them your contact info without any hesitation whatsoever and tell them what a difference you have made!


Shauna MacDonald

Parent, Math 7/8 and PreCalc 10

Sept 2013 -present 


When our daughter got 48% on her first preCalc 12 test, we decided to get a private tutor. My daughter is a good student but keeping up with the pace of Math in a semester system has always been a challenge, especially with a demanding competitive dance schedule.  

We were thrilled when after just six lessons with Del, my daughter scored 74% on her next math test ... During sessions, Del identified and addressed gaps in pre-requisite knowledge and then started instruction ahead of the classroom teacher's lessons. Between sessions, with Del's guidance, my daughter learned how to  prepare a weekly study plan which balanced studying with all her other commitments . Del also provided practice tests as a study technique so that my daughter was able to self-check her understanding of a topic and then spend time reviewing where necessary in order to be fully prepared for tests.  In addition to Del's subject matter expertise, the positive, encouraging, supportive one-one attention did wonders to boost my daughter's confidence in all her studies. Most important, my daughter connected with Del and as a result of Del's mentoring, my daughter is now a much stronger student overall, successfully maintaining a GPA for the honour roll and looking forward to attending SFU in September.

 Del, we can't thank you enough for your time, energy, and commitment. You make a difference that really matters and your dedication and persistence  certainly sets a standard for your

students to aspire to!


Cheryl Fraser

Parent, PreCalc 12 Student

Sept 2012 - Feb 2013

Hi Del,

I just wanted to thank you! I love university! I'm still not sure what I want to do after but I know if I take courses I enjoy and just concentrate on learning and doing well, I will figure it out when the time comes. I also wanted to tell you I am getting back into the habit of scheduling my study times and deadlines onto a weekly calendar. Its amazing how much that skill has helped me and I'm so grateful I had you to help me out, I wish everykid had the opportunity to learn these management skills. It has made such a big impact on the way I study and plan. I was meaning to write you a card thanking you for everything you passed onto me but I started to prepare for school and was a bit flustered so I didn't get it done. But I just wanted to say you are truly an amazing teacher to be able to help students even outside the course material. And I try to help others by showing them what you taught me about time management and setting goals. Thank you, Del, very much for inspiring me to work hard in school. You're the best teacher I"ve ever had. 

                                                                  ~Tiffany Berry                                                                        UVic Student, Year 1


  I was prompted to seek Del's services when my daughter Sarah went into PreCalc 11. She had not done well in her first two tests and was losing confidence and feeling frustrated with the fast pace of the course. There seemed to be a huge leap in difficulty from Precal 10 to PreCal 11. 

Del was recommended by another parent, whose son went to our school. When, on the first day Sarah worked with Del, and she came out with a big smile, I knew Del was the right person for our family.

One of the greatest results that has been achieved is that, since working with Del, both my daughter Sarah and my son Konrad now love Math! 
Sarah earned top marks in Grade 12 and is now at UBC as a direct result of Del's tutoring in PreCalc 11, PreCalc 12 and Chemistry 12. In addition to answering Sarah's questions and explaining concepts in multiple ways if needed until Sarah understood, Del advised Sarah how to plan her studies and take ownership of her learning using various learning resources, including video lessons, to both preview course content and reinforce understanding . Del also introduced both my children to the flexibility and very effective learning experience of online learning  for PreCalculus 12.  Both my children enjoyed the interactive, multi-medial lessons and the online method of instruction and course delivery allowed both Sarah and Konrad flexibility to take the necessary time needed to actively process the information and then schedule tests when they felt ready to take the test. Currently, with Del's guidance, my son Konrad is excelling in the course and most importantly, he has learned to take greater responsibility for managing and scheduling his pacing and time to maximize both his productivity and his understanding of course material. 

During Sarah's first year at UBC, Del's continued support in both Calculus and first year Chemistry was a good bridge, Even though there were tutors out at UBC,  it was very nice for Sarah to know she was in good hands with Del to help her through first year university. As my son Konrad enters his first year at University this September, we hope that Del will be able to tutor him as well. 

What we like best about working with you, Del, is that you are very positive, a great communicator, detail-oriented, well organized and you have a way of teaching that makes your students feel confident about learning and proud of their achievements. You are an excellent role model and educator.. Both Sarah and Konrad have spent a lot of time with you over the past few years and I really can't thank you enough. I feel I hit the jackpot when we found you. That's all that any parent really wants, is for someone to really care and be a great mentor. We need more of you in every subject! Thank you for all that you have done for Sarah and Konrad, It has made our life so much nicer having your support over these last few years,.

Julia Tittler

Parent, Gr 11 and 12,              

Precalculus, Chemistry

January 2012 - present

My daughter has struggled with math since third grade. We tried other tutoring methods. both private and the established large tutoring franchises. The BC curriculum's "Math Makes Sense" and other teaching methods created deeper gaps in her learning. She was working twice as hard and barely passing. Her

learning confidence was shot. School was a struggle. Then in late grade 10, she was diagnosed with a math disability. Her teachers told her to take Foundations Math 11, warning her this course may be too difficult for her. Enter Del and My Math Tutor. Del met with my daughter and suggested that she can take PreCalculus 11 and do fine. Instead, after much family discussion, we opted for Foundations 11 and had Del tutor her. My daughter flew through Foundations 11 with determination and achieved 90%. She is so pleased with her new math skills , she has enrolled in PreCalculus 11. 

My daughter's new found confidence has filtered into her other subjects and her daily life. She is now on the honour roll for the first time and is looking forward to post-secondary programs she never considered before. She is now a confident, independent learner, and most important, happy. 

The positive outcome of working one-one with Del has shown my daughter nothing is impossible. You just may need a different way to approach a problem. Thank you, Del.

Jackie Davidson

Parent, Gr 11 Student

September 2014 - present

Sean has greatly enjoyed working with you.

According to Sean, "Del de-mystifies math concepts and explains things in a way that I can understand. She never speaks down to me and we solve problems together." 

We definitely want you on our team next year for Pre-Calculus 12! Please include Sean in your scheduling for next year!

Teri Lydiard

Parent, PreCalc 11 Student

                                              Sept 2014 - present

Thank you, Del, for providing guidance, clarity, focus, accountability and direction this year! For a parent who did not attend school in Canada, you have been a beacon for myself and my two children as we navigate the Canadian school system. Most importantly, you have sparked a love of math. I truly appreciated being included in my children's learning. Teaching conceptual understanding using hands-on models such as cuisenaire rods, pattern blocks, base ten blocks have enlightened me AND my children so that math DOES make sense!  

I share this article, "Teaching Mathematics Conceptually" with any parent whose child is struggling with math and tell them what a difference you have made using this approach with my children. Rather than simply answering their questions, you have taught them how to answer their own questions. I look forward to all of us working together in August so my children have a healthy head-start in September!

Kelly White

Parent, Math 4 and Math 6

Sept 2014 to present

 My Math Tutor ~ Tutoring and Academic Coaching ~ South Surrey / White Rock BC

Thank you for what you have done for my daughter, Jasmina. She was already a confident student, but now she feels she can take on the world! She has been accepted by so many Universities across Canada and a world of options have opened up for her.

When we first heard about you from a good friend whose daughter you worked with a few years ago, I didn't have any hesitations about contacting you but I must admit thinking to myself, "I hope she is as good as they have said."  Well, the very first day Jasmina worked with you, she came home all smiles and bright eyed !  Jasmina has always been a high achiever and she has an incredible work ethic, but I could see her confidence level dropping at the beginning of this school year as she struggled to manage a heavy academic course load. She was devastated she wasn't achieving the grades she wanted and knew she was capable of achieving. Then she started working with you and the results we have achieved are so fantastic! Jasmina's confidence soared and she brought her grades up to above 90% in classes that she once believed  she would never be able to understand well.

I especially appreciate that you demand from your students a commitment of both time and effort and also that they have to prove to you that they deserve to work with you - that they need to put forth an effort as well. I love that you are not babysitting them and that they are actually learning. Both Jasmina and I are so thankful to you for all you do and really appreciate how you kept in touch and generously forwarded learning resources even after we finished sessions with you. It really is incredible to know how much you care.

I would recommend you to any and all students - regardless of them needing assistance or not. You have been a great resource in Jasmina's life, an exceptional role model. and I know she will never forget what you have done for her.

Sharon P.

Parent, PreCalculus 12, Chemistry 12, Biology 12 Student

September 2014 - January 2015


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